Manufacturer: Aeonmed

For mechanical ventilation in the following categories of patients: adults, children, newborns

With a 15 "TFT touch screen and simple intuitive interface, the user can easily complete the entire operation. Typical ventilation modes with BIVENT and PRVC fully meet the requirements of intensive care ventilation. The monitor displays complete information about the patient's condition. Full manual intervention includes inspiration delays and exhalation, manual ventilation, synchronized nebulizer and suction

Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
VT5230 incorporates a non-invasive ventilation method as a standard feature.
Monitoring: 3 curves and 3 loops
Alarm / event recording provides information on any changes in the parameters and description of each signal.
Trend function provides 72h of complete patient data
Lung mechanics: measures static compliance, air resistance, PEEPi, P0.1 and time, which helps the doctor evaluate treatment outcomes
Well thought out configuration solution

Depending on the intensive care unit, the VT5230 can be equipped with an air compressor on a mobile cart and with a medical console
The design of a complete solution for power supplies with a switch provides a higher level of protection for the fan, air compressor and humidifier

Advanced Pneumatic System: Ventank's unique pneumatic system, provides accurate oxygen and gas flow
Exhalation valve: a metal autoclavable exhalation valve, with a built-in flow sensor, meets the needs of the low maintenance cost of the device.
Ventilation modes
Basic ventilation modes, with BIVENT and PRVC fully meeting the requirements of intensive care ventilation

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