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Azurion 3, Azurion 7 

Philips Azurion is the next generation image-guided therapy platform that allows you to easily and confidently perform procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimise your lab performance and provide superior care. Azurion has been developed over a number of years in close collaboration with our clinical partners to ensure workflow solutions that meet the continuing demands of the interventional lab.2

We support you in delivering outstanding patient care by uniting clinical excellence with workflow innovation.

Azurion is designed to help you perform procedures more consistently and efficiently. The highly intuitive usability of Azurion supports you in quickly and confidently performing a range of procedures. With this new future proof platform you can deliver outstanding care and grow your service line over time.

Philips Azurion enables you to provide superior care

As patient volumes rise and procedures become more complex, how do you maintain high standards of quality and safety in your healthcare facility? Azurion helps you address these challenges with:

  • ProcedureCards that include hospital specific documents to streamline and standardize system operation and reduce preparation errors.
  • Table side control of all relevant applications, which can help reduce the need to move in and out of the sterile area during a procedure.
  • ClarityIQ. Clinically proven. Significantly lower dose - based on 18 peer-reviewed clinical studies with 3840 patients across the globe.
  • Zero Dose Positioning that allows you to navigate to your new region of interest without using fluoroscopy.
  • Hospital checklists and/or protocols can be uploaded into the ProcedureCards to help safeguard the consistency of interventional procedures and prevent preparation errors.

Philips Azurion offers an enhanced usability
With Azurion, we support you in delivering outstanding patient care by providing a better user experience that empowers you to move quickly and confidently through cases.

User friendly interface

A unique user experience. Information stands out from the distinctive black background and highlights help you easily locate active applications. The system controls, backlit icons and distinctly shaped buttons aid in identification.

The next step in ease of use with our touch screen module Pro*

All controls feature the latest advances in ease of use. On screen, you can see easily information against the distinctive black background where active applications are highlighted. Backlit icons and distinctly shaped buttons on the Control Module promote intuitive operation. 

On-the-spot assistance

Digital user guides can be accessed with one-click for on-the-spot assistance.


Integrated user centric workspot in the control room.

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