Veradius Neo

Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare

Veradius Neo

Mobile C-arm with flat detector

As a surgeon, you need high-quality information to help you perform an increasing number of challenging interventions. Our Veradius Neo mobile C-arm gives you the image quality, ease of use, and dose management features you need.

  • Orthopedic imaging - high contrast and distortion-free

Visualize complex bone structures, guide screw placement, and perform a wide range of other orthopedic procedures, with undistorted, high contrast images provided by our advanced Flat Detector.

  • Cardiovascular imaging - superb contrast and consistency

Our second generation Flat Detector system provides high quality fluoroscopy, DSA runs, and roadmap guidance to support cardiac and vascular surgeons in performing the most challenging procedures. From pacemaker lead insertions to abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, the Trixell Flat Detector delivers consistent edge-to-edge image quality and superb contrast resolution to support critical decision making. Advanced vascular software guides you step-by-step through your vascular case, helping you easily control imaging with the foot switch and handheld remote control. 

  • Powerful system can image a wide range of patients

Veradius Neo delivers enough power to image large patients with outstanding images.

  • Color-coded C-arc for easy positioning

The Veradius Neo C-arc was designed in cooperation with leading surgeons globally. Easily access and image even obese patients for e.g. lumbar spine or hip procedures. The C-arc is color-coded to provide clear visual aids about system movements and to simplify communication between team members. Quickly position the system with less effort with the smooth movement of the C-arc.

  • Excellent vertical reach for a convenient work environment

Veradius Neo provides excellent vertical reach and a low lateral to conveniently perform your procedures. But you can go as high as you need when the case demands it.

  • New design improves access

The new shape of the C-arc provides more room to easily access and image normalsized and obese patients. There is more space for the surgeon to work around patients. It is also easier to position the C-arm, even for difficult projections. You have more freedom to maneuver and reposition your instruments. 

  • Extra monitor on C-arc stand enhances visual control

Veradius Neo comes with an extra monitor on the C-arc stand. This helps the operator to maintain visual control without compromising the surgeon's view of the Mobile View Station.

  • Wireless data transfer for easy network integration

Veradius Neo offers seamless network integration and increased mobility because of its wireless data transfer capabilities.

  • Radiation dose management features enhance dose effciency

Veradius Neo is equipped with a full range of radiation dose management features such as beam filters, a monoblock design for sharp pulses, and a removable grid. This provides excellent dose efficiency.

  • Laser aiming device for positioning without radiation

An integrated laser helps you accurately position the C-arm without applying radiation.

  • Removable grid for efficient imaging of small anatomy

The Veradius Neo grid is easily removed to visualize small anatomy or extremities with outstanding image quality and excellent dose efficiency.

  • Shutter positioning helps manage X-ray exposure

Automatic shutter positioning sets the shutter at the touch of a button for superb image quality. Independent shutters help you position shutters individually to better match anatomy in the field of view. This helps manage the X-ray exposure. 


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