BV Vectra

Manufacturer: Philips Healthcare

BV Vectra

Mobile C-arm

BV Vectra mobile C-arm system is intuitive to operate. Its high quality images support you in providing excellent care. This compact system is dedicated to orthopedic surgical procedures, including trauma, spine, and pain management.

  • See fine details of complex structures

2x1K high-resolution digital imaging chain includes advanced noise reduction and 2D edge enhancement. Its high quality images support you in quickly visualizing complex bone structures to aid in the precise positioning of implants. 

  • BodySmart - Fast, consistent images

Save time using our unique BodySmart. It allows you to acquire fast and consistent images even at the edge of the image intensifier, which further improves the workflow in high pressure operating environments. 

  • Digital Exposure and High Definition Fluoroscopy

Superb imaging of dense and complex anatomy is much easier with BV Vectra thanks to our Digital Exposure and High Definition Fluoroscopy modes. Just press the foot or hand switch to quickly switch between these X-ray modes.

  • MetalSmart - Excludes metal artifacts automatically 

Artifacts from implants and other metal objects can hide anatomical structures, hindering visualization and reducing diagnostic confidence. Our MetalSmart feature excludes the metal artifacts without affecting image contrast and X-ray dose.

  • Intuitive user interface - Any user can easily operate the system

The controls are designed to help all users operate the system quickly and intuitively, even with limited training. Clear icons and step-by-step menus provide extra guidance, allowing efficient procedures. 

  • Ergonomically well designed - Fully counterbalanced C-arm 

Easy to maneuver the C-arm and access small and large patients with excellent C-arm depth and superior angulation reach.

  • Remote Proactive Service - System uptime to meet your needs 

Through a secure broadband connection, our experts provide support and guidance for high system uptime.



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