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Vereos Digital PET/CT

The world's rst and only true digital PET/CT system

The Philips Vereos PET/CT scanner with Digital Photon Counting will redene PET imaging and mark a new era in clinical performance. In a recent survey¹, 9 out of 10 referring physicians prefer Vereos Digital PET images over analog²

Digital Photon Counting

Unlike analog PET/CT scanners that use photomultipliers, or analog SiPMs to detect light, the Vereos PET/CT scanner uses proprietary Digital Photon Counting (DPC) technology. DPC technology converts light directly to a digital signal with zero analog noise. 

1:1 coupling

Each crystal is connected to a single digital photon counting detector. This 1:1 coupling, combined with 325 ps Time-of-Flight (TOF) timing resolution and reduced pile-up effects, allows for a much higher count rate capability and improved spatial resolution compared to analog² systems.

≈ 2x volumetric resolution³

The system uses 1:1 coupling of crystals to digital detectors. This means spatial, timing, and energy resolution is improved throughout the entire field of view, for improved volumetric resolution.

≈ 2x sensitivity gain³

Philips Digital Photon Counting technology converts light directly to a digital signal. Because there is virtually no noise introduced in this conversion, the system improves the signal-to-noise ratio which enables improved sensitivity.

≈ 2x quantitative accuracy³

Vereos has improved quantitative accuracy of +/- 5% when compared to +/- 10% seen with analog systems.² 

Premium image quality

iDose⁴ improves image quality⁴ through artifact prevention and increased spatial resolution at low dose.

Improved workflow effciency

iPatient drives confidence and consistency through personalized patient-centric workflow. The iPatient platform can reduce time-to-results by 24% and clicks per exam by 66%⁵. 

¹In a recent survey of referring oncologists


³Compared to GEMINI TF PET/CT

⁴Improved image quality is defined by improvements in spatial resolution and/or noise reduction as measured in phantom studies.

⁵Buchan, K. (Philips Healthcare), Dharaiya E. (Philips Healthcare), Ardley N. (Monash Health, Australia) “Impact of workflow tools in reducing total exam and user interaction time - 4 phase liver computed tomography exams.


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